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Ronfo & Kindred Spirits

smooth, gospel/jazz stylings

KINDRED SPIRITS is a group of professional musicians collaborating on songs of inspiration,classic hymns and GOSPEL songs both TRADITIONAL and CONTEMPORARY in style. The ensemble is composed of 5 piece rhythm section with horns and strings complementing this group on venues where the budget can support it. The group has been performing in local churches and schools in the NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY metropolitan areas for the past 6 years. Ron Foster KEYBOARDS, CONDUCTOR is the leader, composer, arranger for this group and would like to invite you to his web-site at RONFOMUSICART.NET for more info on some of the other work he is involved with. Some of the songs are introduced with NARRATIVES so listeners can get an idea of what songs are trying to convey without lyrics using jazz improvisation over the chords and melodies.

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Flamingo Afternoon


Gospel, jazzy instrumentals with focus on universal themes

Ronald A. Foster P.O. BOX 322 PARK STATION PATERSON, NJ 07543-0322 FAX: (973)569-3533 Em:


Ron Foster is currently Minister of Music at the GREATER MT. TEMAN A.M.E. church located in Elizabeth New Jersey.

His former work with groups from the PHILADELPHIA SOUND era in the 70s gave him the experience and training to further apply his talents to the GOSPEL MUSIC world. He has appeared on Don Cornelius “SOUL TRAIN” and the GENE WOODS DANCE SHOW and MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW out of PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA.

Ron has also performed with GOSPEL SAXOPHONIST MEL HOLDER in JAPAN.

Ron is performing presently as Leader/Keyboardist with local GOSPEL/JAZZ ensemble KINDRED SPIRITS. The group is comprised of rhythm section augmented with STRINGS and HORNS at larger venues.

Ron has conducted orchestras in theaters in Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia and Washington behind classic soul groups such as STYLISTICS, MANHATTANS, McFADDEN & WHITEHEAD, MAIN INGREDIENT, DELFONICS, ISAAC HAYES, MANHATTANS and others.

Ron transcribed the music for these groups and was presented with SOUL CLASSIC CONDUCTOR OF THE DECADE in 2002 from URBANLAND PRODUCTIONS after conducting for BIG SHOW at WANG CENTER THEATER in BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS using a segment of the BOSTON SYMPHONY orchestra.

GOSPEL/JAZZ presentations have included 12 piece horn sections and 16 piece string sections. It is Ron Foster’s desire to bring this type of musical set-up to the GOSPEL STAGE with even larger sections of the orchestra.

Additional info can be obtained on his web-site RONFOMUSICART.NET

This 12 song set includes INSTRUMENTAL ARRANGEMENTS OF ORIGINAL SONGS COMPOSED BY Ron Foster with additional TRUMPET ON SELECTED TUNES by FREDDIE HENDRICKS who currently performs with the COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA, T.S. MONK and other well-known JAZZ ENSEMBLES.


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